Soothing Moisture Lotion

Description: Soothing moisture lotion with Comfrey and Lavender is a gentle formulation to protect and nourish your skin.

 This light lotion helps to nourish the skin as it soothes and hydrates surface dryness. Assisting in the restoration of essential moisture without causing irritation leaving a soft, smooth and supple feel to the complexion.

Skin type/condition: Dry or sensitive skin.

Benefits: Nourishing, creamy moisturiser provides vital oils to lubricate, soften and protect dry skin. Essential fatty acids nourish and repair to leave skin supple, hydrated and protected from the environment.
Anti-inflammatory blend of essential oils soothe and calm irritated skin.

Key ingredients: Rich in essential fatty acids to repair the skin’s barrier Sweet Almond Oil also softens and moisturises.  Sandalwood works to keep skin calm and soothed with its anti-inflammatory benefits.  Eucalyptus imparts a cooling soothing effect.

How to use: Apply using light fingertip pressure in upward strokes to face and neck. For maximum skin protection continue with sunscreen protection such as Solar Shield or C+Bright in morning.

19.00 €