Samantha Is an enthusiastic , outgoing, professional certeficated massage therapist, energetic spiritual massage therapist and make up artist. She has a Real passion for wellness, holistic massage,swinging bowls and energetic ,reiki massages and balancing chakras massage.foot reflexology she is passionate about crystal massages, astrology, aromatherapy and stone massage. She studied in the most prestigious massage academy and holistic institute "milanese holistic center" in milan (italy) obtaining after several years of study the certification of professional masseur, after having achieved the specialization in limodraining massage Vodder method and deep sport massage she attended Buddhist institutes where he studied the techniques of spiritual energy massage and sound massage. She live in Hyderabad,India, few years where she studied yoga,meditation and reiki She Is particularly interested in the holistic side of massage therapy and enjoys seeing the physical and mentale benefits that her treatments give to her customers.her favourite treatments are massage and facials. she has already worked 5 years away from home and travels in her own time visiting placer such as India,Greece,Egypt,u.k.Swiss, addiction she worked many years in the wellness field as personal trainer and health coach,perfumery store manager . She'll always searche different approach to the body and soul to offer the best to her clients ,therapist's hands are two incredible instruments able to connect people in their inner nature offering you the key to reconnect your deeper holy space She will try to give to her clients an Amazing experience and offering many holistic balancing treatment.

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