Gerli Kask is a Beauty Therapist. She is born in Estonia and graduated from Pärnumaa Vocational Education Centre in June 2019 as she received a certificate as a beautician. She has completed two Erasmus+ programmes in Spain, Valencia. The first one was one month long and the second lasted for three months. After graduation she went straight to work as a Spa Therapist to the newest spa in Estonia and worked there until going to do practice in Valencia. During the practice she learned that she wants to work in Spain in the future. Before her beautician studies she studied Recreation Management. This was a really good experience as she has been an active person who likes to organise events and work in a team. She is definitely a team player and has a high level of empathy. She is also a girl who likes to try out new things and wants to come out of her comfort zone because all the good things happen that way. She also loves to work with people and help them feel good about themselves. The reason why she choose Massage Beach is that it is the way to do something totally different, gain more confidence and get to know more about working in different culture.

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