Harriet Marks is a qualified Beauty therapist from London with 5 years experience in the industry. During Harriet's time as a therapist she has worked for two known companies such as Clarins and Dermalogica in Central London delivering a wide range of skin therapies in the Flagship stores. Recently Harriet has been working for the Flagship store for Dermalogica in the heart of Sloane Sqaure London. In her time there she has been recognised as the 'go to therapist' for her outstanding Skin treatments by journalists bloggers and also influencers because of this Harriet has been published online on Luxury London for her amazing treatments and knowlegde that shine through her bubbly but professional personality. Harriet hopes to bring to Massage beach her drive in delivering treatments to the best standard also her ability to work well as team player and also on her own inititave. Also the ability to bring her passion into Ibiza from London into the sunshine to make clients feel warm and at peace during her time at Massage Beach. Anyone that has had treatments with Harriet truly feel happy and relaxed as she has such a positive energy and drive about her and what a perfect way to make clients feel amazing during there holiday in Ibiza! This will be a perfect role to suit Harriet as she always wanted to work for a company like Massage Beach she will fit the role very well as she hopes to acheive future travel in her career around the world

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