Posted on December 18, 2018

Ibiza 2019 Recruitment

Fantastic response

Recruitment for beauty Therapists to join the Ibiza Massage Beach team is open. It commenced 4 days ago on Saturday 15 December.

Already, we have received many applications and had a great response with therapists eager to join our team and spend the summer 2019 working in the Ibiza sunshine.

The applications we have received are to a high standard and we are looking forward to speaking with the spa therapists during the interview process.

One thing we have noted after speaking with past therapists or people we have met in Ibiza, what we found out was very intriguing. We have been informed that individuals were interested in the job and wanted to work with Massage Beach but didn’t apply, as they wouldn’t get the job! We urge all therapists thinking of joining the team to apply and to give it your best shot – what have you got to lose?

To apply for a position send your CV and cover letter to

Remember this is the first impression we will get of you (and you never get the chance to make a second first impression)! Spend some time checking your application; rectify any mistakes and sell yourself. Include any relevant experience, courses or skills you have.

We will be looking for around 50 therapists to join the team and to work full time throughout the summer, 5 days per week. There are no age restrictions and both male and female therapists can apply. There are plenty of positions to fill so get applying!!

There are major benefits of the role when working with Massage Beach Ibiza; over current beauty jobs.

  • Work at different poolside locations across the island. We are not lying when we say you work outside in beautiful surroundings. Visit one of our social media accounts to look at the pictures and some of the venues we work – they will not disappoint.
  • Job variation – your treatment room changes daily. You do not get bored of the same 4 walls.
  • Choose your days off. We work very hard on letting our therapists have as much flexibility as possible so they can enjoy their time in Ibiza. We believe a happy therapist is a happy worker. We do our upmost to make sure your stay on the island is as enjoyable as possible.
  • Make friends for life – Meet like-minded people. Past therapists have struck up friendships that last. They are still in contact, living and travelling with therapists they met whilst working in Ibiza with Massage Beach.
  • Ibiza – We are not sure if it is possible to put into words how special and magical this fantastic island is. If you haven’t experienced Ibiza you are missing out. Experience this fantastic island at the earliest opportunity.
  • Money – There is opportunity to earn very good money. Therapists can earn more in Ibiza than their previous jobs in the UK.

As you see from the points above it is a no brainer if you are tempted but undecided whether to apply! Live your better life and apply today.

Have you seen our recruitment video for 2019? The video is available to view at the top of this post. If this doesn’t get you excited we are not sure what will!

To view information further information about the role visit

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