Posted on April 29, 2018

6 tips for therapists

make the most of your day's off in ibiza

Debora has worked with Massage Beach Ibiza for the past 3 summers. Although, she isn’t returning this year as a beauty therapist based in Ibiza; she is continuing to work with the company supporting the management with their role and daily tasks. 

Read Debora’s tips for therapists’ joining the Massage Beach Ibiza team this summer. 

Debora's advice for Beauty Therapists' to make the most of their free time.

Working with Massage Beach Ibiza offers something that is uncommon for workers in Ibiza. You are entitled to 2 days off per week. Most jobs offer one day off per week. Make the most of your free time whilst you are in Ibiza :-)

  • Wake up earl; enjoy a fresh and healthy breakfast by the sea. The nutritious breakfast will give you plenty of energy for the day ahead. Plus you wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to do this at home ;)
  • Rent a car or moped. You’ll find it very helpful on your days off. Discover the beautiful beaches and hidden treasures that Ibiza has to offer.
  • Always bring plenty of water. This is an extremely helpful tip, especially if you are heading to a remote beach (Cala Comta, Cala Salada, Cala Tarida). The shops will charge inflated prices. Save some euros by planning ahead.
  • Book your favourite party tickets in advance. This will save you money and queuing time. You will meet many people in Ibiza, someone can always help a worker with tickets!
  • Sometimes it’s good to do nothing but relax! The season can get very intense, especially in August and September. Your body needs to rest! A detoxifying day can do wonders; make sure you always have a good balance between partying and relaxing.
  • Make the most of the staff discount on massage and beauty treatments. Working with Massage Beach entitles you to 50% discount on treatments at venues across Ibiza. Enjoy one of the massage or beauty treatments and head to the spa for a full morning or afternoon of relaxation!

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