• Affordable startup costs.

• Management service charge: 7% turnover, excluding IVA/VAT.

• Expected return on investment: 1 - 2 years.


Since our inception in 2006, Massage Beach has not only developed but thrived annually, garnering extensive experience in the dynamic beauty industry. Our journey has been marked by a dedicated focus on market dynamics, allowing us to discern what strategies work, what doesn't, and how to continuously improve.

This commitment to refinement has led to strategic tweaks in our business model, yielding optimum results and an expanded market presence. Embracing technological advancements through ongoing research and investment has further propelled our business towards enhanced efficiency, profitability, and overall manageability.

As we set our sights on continuous growth, we are excited to unveil the comprehensive Massage Beach franchise package. The factors pivotal to ensuring franchisees' success extend beyond the fundamentals:

  1. Proven Financial Strength and Stability: Our consistent growth over the years has fortified our financial standing, providing a solid foundation for franchisee success.

  2. Impressive Growth Rate: Beyond stability, our impressive growth rate showcases the resilience and adaptability of our business model in diverse markets.

  3. Established Franchise System: Benefit from a well-structured and proven franchise system that has been refined through years of hands-on experience, ensuring smooth operations and replicable success.

  4. Cutting-Edge Technology: Access to our custom-built Massage Beach applications, designed for both internal operations and client-focused services, offering a technological edge for franchisees to stay ahead in the competitive market.

  5. Training and Support: Franchisees can expect thorough training programs and ongoing support to navigate the beauty and wellness industry successfully.

  6. Brand Recognition: Leverage the recognition and reputation of the Massage Beach brand, established through years of delivering quality beauty and massage services.

  7. Marketing Strategies: Benefit from proven marketing strategies that have contributed to our market share expansion, providing franchisees with effective tools to promote their local businesses.

By joining the Massage Beach franchise, you are not just adopting a business model but becoming part of a dynamic and successful network, ensuring a greater likelihood of sustained success in the beauty and wellness sector.


Unlock Opportunities to establish Massage Beach Outlets Across Europe.

Comprehensive Support: Benefit from our extensive business start-up expertise, guiding you through every step. We help identify the optimal business model for your circumstances, be it mobile, salon, treatment room, or spa. Our support extends to preparing your business plan, offering guidance right from the beginning.

Ongoing Assistance: Experience continuous support in education, marketing, HR, and finance to ensure your business secures the right team, infrastructure, equipment, products, and clients from day one.

Technology-Driven Revenue: Recognizing the importance of technology in driving revenue, we've invested in cutting-edge, user-friendly software management tools tailored specifically to our business model. This ensures you have more time to focus on enhancing services and maximizing profits, minimizing administrative tasks, accounts, and marketing efforts.

Comprehensive Training: Our franchise program includes detailed training modules, equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the beauty and wellness industry.

Quality Assurance: Benefit from our established quality assurance protocols, ensuring that every Massage Beach outlet maintains consistent and high-quality service standards.

Market Research and Location Selection: Leverage our market research expertise to identify optimal locations for your outlet, maximizing foot traffic and potential clientele.

Networking Opportunities: Join a thriving network of franchisees, fostering collaboration and shared insights within the Massage Beach community.

Adaptable Business Models: Our flexible business models accommodate various settings—whether it's a bustling city center or a tranquil spa retreat—ensuring adaptability to diverse markets.

Sustainable Practices: Embrace eco-friendly practices in your business operations, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable and responsible beauty services.

Regular Updates and Innovations: Stay at the forefront of industry trends with regular updates on new treatments, technologies, and marketing strategies, keeping your business ahead of the curve.

Community Engagement: Engage with local communities through outreach programs and events, establishing a positive brand presence and strengthening customer relationships.

Join us in shaping the future of Massage Beach across Europe, where success is not just a business model but a holistic, evolving partnership.


We are on the lookout for dynamic, passionate individuals with a strong work ethic and business acumen to join our team as Massage Beach franchisees. While experience in the beauty industry is beneficial, it's not a prerequisite.

What matters most to us is your commitment to assisting clients in overcoming barriers to a healthier life and your dedication to delivering exceptional service in every circumstance. If you have a drive for success and a genuine desire to make a positive impact, we invite you to explore the exciting opportunities awaiting you with Massage Beach.


• A time-tested, successful business model backed by extensive experience in the beauty industry.

• Support at every juncture - assistance in identifying the right business model for your circumstances (mobile, salon, treatment rooms), comprehensive digital and local marketing strategies, recruitment and training of therapists, guidance in salon/treatment room design and construction, and thorough training on booking systems and POS devices.

• A dedicated franchise manager serving as your primary point of contact.

• Comprehensive training for every therapist prior to the launch of your business.

• Ongoing professional development for all staff, ensuring the highest quality in treatments and enhanced productivity.

• Management training and development to ensure optimum operational efficiency and profitability.

• Day-to-day operational support, providing you with the assistance needed to navigate the intricacies of running a successful beauty and wellness franchise.


If you are an enthusiatic, hardworking, and passionate individual with aspirations to elevate your career, we invite you to take the next step. Contact us promptly by completing the franchise application form and embark on the journey to share in our success!