Beauty Therapist Frequently asked questions

Please see answers to frequently asked questions  from beauty therapists thinking about joining the Massage Beach Ibiza team.

how do i apply?

To apply for a position with Massage Beach Ibiza, please follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your CV and cover letter, ensuring they highlight your relevant qualifications and experience in beauty therapy.
  2. Email your cover letter and CV to
  3. Await further instructions and communication from the Massage Beach Ibiza team.

Upon receiving your application, the team will review your qualifications and experience. If your application is successful, they will provide additional details about the recruitment process, including potential interviews and next steps.

Good luck with your application!

Do I decide whether I work as self-employed or employed with Massage Beach Ibiza?

Absolutely! As a potential team member at Massage Beach Ibiza, you have the autonomy to decide whether you prefer to work as a self-employed therapist or an employed therapist. Both options come with their unique advantages, and we'll provide you with detailed information to help you make an informed choice based on your preferences and circumstances. Your satisfaction and comfort in your work arrangement are of utmost importance to us.

Will I earn more working as self-employed or employed?

From our experience, therapists typically earn more when working as self-employed rather than employed with Massage Beach Ibiza. Self-employed therapists have the potential to earn around 3200 € per month (before tax), while employed therapists earn approximately 1800 € per month.

This difference in earnings is often influenced by the tax and social security rates that businesses are required to pay in Spain. Working as self-employed provides you with more flexibility and potentially higher earnings, but the choice ultimately depends on your personal preferences and circumstances.

We'll discuss both options with you upon a successful application to ensure you make the choice that aligns best with your goals and needs.

I have experience in massage/ and or beauty but do not hold any qualifications. Can I still apply?

While having experience in massage and/or beauty is beneficial, Massage Beach Ibiza requires all therapists to hold a recognised qualification in massage treatments, at a minimum. Qualifications in other areas such as nail and facial treatments are considered favourable.

If you lack the necessary qualifications but are passionate about joining the team, there is an option to consider. You may explore fast-track courses to obtain the required qualification. It's important to ensure that the course is accredited, and the qualification is recognized by an insurance company.

If you choose this route, make sure to check the accreditation and recognition status of the qualification before applying. Once you have the necessary qualification, you can then proceed with your application to join the team.

I would like to work for a shorter period than 6 months. Is this possible?

Yes, it is possible to work for a shorter period than 6 months. If you have specific dates in mind, please include them in your cover letter when you send your application.

While shorter commitments are considered, it's important to note that preference may be given to therapists who can commit to the full 6 months.

How many days per week Will i work?

Therapists typically work five days a week, with two days off. The specific days off may vary each week as Massage Beach therapists have the flexibility to request days off through their online login area. This system provides therapists with more freedom in planning and scheduling their time.

Is it possible work Part-Time, less than 5 days per week?

Yes, it is possible for both employed and self-employed therapists to work with us on a part-time basis.

If you prefer to work 3 or 4 days per week, that is absolutely agreeable.

For employed therapists, you can specify the number of days you want to work before your contract start date. We can even offer flexibility, such as working 5 days one week and four the next, alternating.

If you are working as a self-employed therapist, you have the autonomy to manage your schedule and confirm the days you are available. However, we need to know your availability the week before so we can plan the working rota for the entire team. You can manage your availability through your online Massage Beach Therapist Profile.

Can I work less than 8 hours per day or half days?

Regrettably, working half days or less than 8 hours per day is not feasible. As a Massage Beach therapist, you have autonomy and are often the sole therapist at the venue, working independently.

Failure to work the full eight hours at the venue would violate our agreement with hotel partners, potentially leading to client dissatisfaction as they may be unable to receive the desired treatments.

Do I need to speak Spanish or a second language?

No, speaking Spanish or a second language is not a requirement, although it can be an advantage.

Massage Beach operates in hotels where the majority of clientele primarily speak English. While additional language skills are beneficial, they are not essential for the role.

Will I need to make my own way to and from work?

Absolutely! Most of the locations we operate at are conveniently within walking distance. For those that are a bit farther away, transportation to and from work will be your responsibility.

Ibiza has a well-connected bus network, and if you prefer a more personal mode of transport, you can consider renting one of our E-Scooters.

Furthermore, bringing your current vehicle to Ibiza for the summer or renting a moped or car not only provides a practical commuting solution but also opens up exciting possibilities for exploration, spontaneity, and increased independence. The choice is yours!

Will i be working at the same location every day?

No, you won't be working at the same location every day.

At Massage Beach, we offer the advantage of changing your working location daily, providing excellent job variation. While your location changes daily, you are assigned a specific working location for eight hours each day, ensuring stability during that period.

It's important to review your working schedule through your online profile to determine your daily assignment.

Will I earn enough money?

Absolutely! Many therapists find that they not only cover their living expenses but also have the opportunity to save money during the season. These savings can then be used for travel or other personal goals.

Your earning potential is directly tied to your motivation and dedication, and both self-employed and employed therapists have the chance to earn well.

Top-earning self-employed therapists, in particular, can surpass 3,200 € per month.

I am a European citizen do I need a visa?

No, you don't need a visa if you are a European citizen (excluding sole UK passport holders). Having a European passport grants you the right to work across Europe without the need for a visa.

How will I find accommodation?

At Massage Beach, while we don't provide accommodation, we are dedicated to supporting our team members in finding the perfect place to stay. We offer valuable guidance and assistance throughout your search.

Additionally, we have limited accommodation options available, prioritised for early commitments from therapists, on a first come first served basis.

As you embark on your exciting journey to spend the summer in Ibiza, our team is here to help you every step of the way. If you come across potential properties, share them with your Massage Beach contact for verification before securing your ideal spot. Your adventure in Ibiza is about to get even more incredible, and we're here to make sure you feel right at home!

how much will rent cost?

In summer 2023, our therapists, on average, paid 500 € per bed to share a room (twin room) and 750 € or more for their own room.

Renting a room in Ibiza is highly competitive because it is one of the most desirable places to live and there are not enough accommodation options available. This is driven by the island's irresistible charm and popularity as one of the most sought-after places to live! The summer season brings a surge in demand, creating a buzz of excitement as everyone eagerly seeks their slice of paradise.

If you find something suitable, we recommend moving quickly to secure the property.

how much money should i save for ibiza?

Once you start earning, you'll have plenty of money to cover your living expenses. However, before you arrive, it's essential to save money to cover your accommodation costs. You likely would have already paid the accommodation deposit to secure your space. Upon arrival, you will need to pay the monthly rental amount and possibly an agency fee (usually equal to one month's rent).

We recommend saving at least 300 € or more in addition to the accommodation costs to cover your living expenses until you receive your first payment for the work you complete.

Should I drive my own car to Ibiza?

Absolutely, bringing your own vehicle to Ibiza is a fantastic idea, and we highly recommend it!

Ibiza's beauty extends far and wide, and having your own transport makes exploring the hidden gems, accessing the best beaches, shops, and markets, a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Moreover, commuting to and from work becomes a breeze with the convenience of your own vehicle. Embrace the freedom to explore the island at your pace and make the most of your time in this enchanting paradise!

Do I need to bring any of my own equipment and/ or products to work?

Absolutely not! You don't need to bring anything with you to Ibiza for work.

Once you're on the island, we've got everything covered. We provide all the essentials for you to deliver top-notch treatments, including the treatment area, massage couch, products, uniform, couch roll, card machine, and a tablet computer for our scheduling system and consultation records. Most of these items are stored at each venue you work, and the rest that you need to keep with you can easily fit into a bag.

All you need to bring is yourself, a can-do attitude, and your passion for the massage and beauty industry!

Can I take Holiday during the height of the summer?

Absolutely! If you have pre-planned holidays and informed us before the contract start date, you can enjoy the pre-agreed time off.

Since it's a seasonal role, taking additional time off may be limited to one day per week, in addition to your scheduled two days off. Team collaboration is key, and if there are available therapists to meet our commitments with hotel partners and uphold the services we promise, taking extra time off is possible. This can be arranged individually by coordinating with your colleagues, ensuring shifts are covered during your absence. Of course, you can reciprocate the favor in the future.

It all comes down to effective planning and open communication with management to explore the possibilities.

I have holidays booked, can i still work with you?

Absolutely! If you have any commitments or holidays planned throughout the summer period, please inform us during the interview process. We understand that therapists may want to visit home or enjoy holidays with friends within the summer timeframe. Providing advance notice and planning is crucial, and we appreciate your proactive communication. Let's make it work seamlessly!

What qualities do the most successful Massage Beach Therapists have?

If we were to highlight the qualities of our most successful Therapists, we would emphasise:

  • Hard-working and Reliable: They demonstrate a strong work ethic and can be relied upon consistently.
  • Can-Do Attitude: Possessing a positive and proactive approach, they tackle challenges with enthusiasm.
  • Positivity: Maintaining an optimistic outlook, these individuals see the 'glass as always half full.'
  • Goal-Oriented: They strive not just to meet but to exceed their goals, showcasing a determination to succeed that extends beyond the workplace into various aspects of their lives, be it sports, extracurricular activities, or professional endeavours.
Is there an age limit to work with Massage Beach Ibiza?

Certainly not! There are no age restrictions to join our Wellness Team as a Beauty Therapist. In 2021, we had a therapist who was 18 years old, and in 2022, we had therapists born in the 1960s and 1970s. All these therapists excelled in their roles.

Age is no barrier to becoming a valued member of the Massage Beach Ibiza team!

Massage Beach Ibiza and Brexit: Post-2021, UK Citizens' Right to Work in SpaiN

To work with Massage Beach Ibiza, proof of the right to work in Spain is essential. Since the UK's departure from the EU on January 31, 2020, a transition period allowed UK citizens to retain EU freedom of movement until December 31, 2020, when it concluded. As part of our pre-employment checks, we require documentation confirming eligibility to work in Spain.

WHAT Impact DOES THIS HAVE on Massage Beach, Recruitment, and UK Citizens:

From January 1, 2021, British citizens entering Spain are subject to third-country immigration control. To work in Spain, a work visa is now required. Unfortunately, the role of 'Beauty Therapist' is not on the 'shortage of occupation' list, making it unlikely for third-country nationals to be granted a working visa. For more information, visit

I’m currently residing in the UK, but I have a European passport can I obtain documents needed to prove my right to work in Spain?

As an employee at Massage Beach Ibiza, you can apply for a Spanish social security number and NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero) with your European passport, making you eligible to work in Ibiza, Spain.

For self-employed individuals with a European passport, an alternative is applying for an E101 certificate to continue offering treatments and working in Ibiza, Spain. This allows you to maintain social security and tax contributions in your registered self-employed country. Please note, this isn't a long-term solution for permanent relocation.

All information provided is based on our understanding and should be confirmed with a legal representative for each individual.

I’m a UK citizen/national and I have dual nationality/citizenship from an EU country can I obtain the documents needed to prove my right to work in Spain?

Yes, if you are a UK citizen with dual nationality from an EU country, such as Italy, you can obtain the necessary documents to prove your right to work in Spain. Having Italian citizenship means you retain European citizenship and freedom of movement, allowing you to work anywhere in the EU, including Spain.

Massage Beach will require evidence of your right to work within the EU, and in this case, an Italian passport would serve as the necessary documentation.


The content on this page was last updated on January 15, 2023.