Beauty Therapist Frequently asked questions

Please see answers to frequently asked questions  from beauty therapists thinking about joining the Massage Beach Ibiza team.

how do i apply?

Email your CV and cover letter to

Do I have to be self-employed to work with massage beach ibiza?

If you have the right to work in the EU you can work with Massage Beach Ibiza as a self-employed therapist or as an employed therapist. 

Both options offer their advantages. If you are successful in your application, to join the team we will discuss both options with you; to find the most suitable.

Please note that from our experience therapists favour working on a self-employed basis due to their increased earnings. OTE (on-target earnings) of 250€ per day would see an increase of circa 50% in earnings in comparison to an employed therapist.* This is due to high tax and social security rates businesses have to pay in Spain.

*This is an approximation and is calculated with the hourly salary of the employed therapist at 8 € per hour.

I have experience in massage/ and or beauty but do not hold any qualifications. Can I still apply?

No, all therapists must be fully qualified to NVQ level 3 or equivalent in massage and nail treatments. Other qualifications such as facial treatments are favourable.

I would like to work for a shorter period than 6 months. Is this possible?

Yes, Please state the dates you wish to join in your cover letter when you send your application. Preference will be given to therapists that can commit to the full 6 months.

Do I need to speak Spanish?

No, it is an advantage but not essential. We operate in hotels where the majority of clientele speak English.

How will I find accommodation?

Massage Beach does not take responsibility for providing accommodation. However, we offer guidance and support in finding your accommodation.

We strongly recommend that you share with other Massage Beach Therapists only.

You should start searching for accommodation as soon as you have decided to spend the summer in Ibiza. If you find any suitable properties please email these to your Massage Beach contact and he/ she will check the authenticity before you place your deposit.

Will I earn enough money?

Yes, most therapists save money and use these funds to travel at the end of the season.

The more driven you are the more money you will earn. Top earning self-employed therapist’s earn in excess of 2,400 € per month.

I am a European citizen do I need a visa?

No, if you have a European passport you have the right to work across Europe without a visa.

I have holidays booked, can i still work with you?

Yes, if you have any commitments throughout the summer period please let us know ASAP. Therapists sometimes visit home or go on holiday with friends within the summer period. Advance notice and planning will be required.

Will i be working at the same location every day?

No, the location you operate will be changed from day to day. You must look at your working schedule via your online profile to see where you are working.

Will I need to make my own way to and from work?

Yes. Many of the locations we operate are within walking distance. The locations, which are further afield, you will need to make your own way. Buses in Ibiza are fairly regular or you could drive your own vehicle to Ibiza for the summer.  

How many days per week do i work?

Therapists normally work 5 days per week. Days off differ weekly, therapists' to request days off via their online login area

how much money should i save for ibiza?

Once you are earning you will earn plenty of money to be self-sufficient. However, before you arrive you must save enough money for your accommodation and accommodation deposit. The accommodation deposit is normally the same as one month's rent.  We would recommend saving 1000 € or more.

how much will rent cost?

This is dependant on the location and apartment. Average rental prices range from 350 € - 480 € per month, per person for a shared room. Expect a price of 750 € or more for your own room


As part of Massage Beach’s pre-employment checks, Massage Beach requires evidence of all future employees’ right to work in Spain. Following a UK referendum in 2016, on the 31 January 2020 the UK left the EU. The UK and the EU then entered a transition period meaning UK citizens still had the same EU freedom of movement privileges. On the 31st December 2020 the transition period ended.

What does this mean for Massage Beach, recruitment and UK citizens?

British citizens who enter Spain from 1 January 2021 are now subject to third-country immigration control. This means that in order to work in Spain you will need to obtain a work visa. Unfortunately, the role of ‘Beauty Therapist’ is not listed on the ‘shortage of occupation’ list therefore it is unlikely as a third-country national you would be granted a working visa. (

I’m currently residing in the UK, but I have a European passport can I obtain documents needed to prove my right to work in Spain?

Yes, if you have a Passport from any of the EU member states you can apply for a Spanish social security number and NIE. If you have these documents, you will be able to work in Spain with Massage Beach.

I’m a UK citizen/national and I have dual nationality/citizenship from an EU country can I obtain the documents needed to prove my right to work in Spain?

Yes, for example if your parents are Italian but you have grown up in the UK you may have both UK and Italian citizenship/nationality. Your Italian citizenship/nationality status would mean you still have European citizenship as Italy is in the EU. Therefore, you still have freedom of movement so you’re able to work anywhere in the EU including Spain. Massage Beach will require evidence of your right to work within the EU such as an Italian passport. 


The information on this page was last updated on 8th February 2020.