Mobile massage and beauty service

Wherever you are – hotel, villa, yacht, or home – indulge in our expert, professional treatments brought directly to you

Experience the epitome of relaxation with Massage Beach, where we seamlessly bring the spa to your doorstep, marrying convenience with indulgence. Our Mobile Massage and Beauty Service redefine relaxation, offering expert treatments delivered directly to your preferred location.

Choose from our extensive list of individual treatments or curate your personalized package tailored to your unique preferences. Ideal for group bookings, our packages not only provide a seamless experience but also exceptional value for money.

Elevate your surroundings with our on-the-go excellence, transforming any location into a haven of tranquility. Book your personalized mobile treatment today and let our skilled therapists turn each moment into an opportunity for relaxation and rejuvenation. At Massage Beach, we make indulgence effortless, wherever you are


Securing your appointment is a breeze! Simply utilise the convenient online booking form below.

TREATMENT LIST - Individual Treatments

Explore our Treatment List for Individual Treatments. Select the desired treatment/s and effortlessly follow the onscreen instructions to pick your preferred day and time-slot.

PACKAGE BUILDER - Ideal for three or more hours of treatments

Craft a personalized spa journey with our Package Builder, specially designed for three or more hours of indulgence. Select the total treatment hours and the preferred number of therapists for your booking. At this stage, there's no need to decide on specific treatments—simply confirm your desired treatment time.

Once your booking is confirmed, our dedicated team will connect with you to tailor your spa experience based on your preferences and group needs. Revel in the flexibility of filling your treatment time with any selection from our comprehensive list. Your journey to relaxation and rejuvenation begins here.


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Cooling Sea Couples Massage - 60-minutes

Share the serenity! Indulge in a 60-minute side-by-side massage, choosing your preferred type of massage. Experience bliss together with your partner.

260.00 €
60 mins

Cooling Sea Couples Massage - 90 minutes

Savour the indulgence! Experience a 90-minute massage side-by-side with your partner. Choose your desired massage type for an extended, blissful retreat together.

360.00 €
90 mins

Enlightening Head Massage

Revitalise with a 30-minute head, neck, and shoulder massage. Relieve tension and embrace a profound sense of well-being.

70.00 €
30 mins

Hydra Back Massage

Indulge in a 30-minute back, neck, and shoulder massage to soothe, reducing tension and strain. Choose between relaxing and deep tissue manipulations for your perfect treatment.

70.00 €
30 mins

Leg Massage

Soothe tight, stiff, tired leg muscles with our 40-minute massage, ideal for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

90.00 €
40 mins

Marine Deep Massage: 60-Minutes

Embark on a 60-minute journey to untangle knots and release tension in deeper muscles, connective tissues, and tendons with our full-body deep-tissue massage.

120.00 €
60 mins

Marine Deep Massage: 90-Minutes

Indulge in a 90-minute whole-body massage, meticulously targeting knots and tension in deeper muscles, connective tissues, and tendons. Experience profound relaxation and relief.

170.00 €
90 mins

Marine Detox Massage: 60-Minutes

Immerse yourself in tranquillity with a 60-minute whole-body relaxation massage. This therapeutic treatment eases muscles and joints, aiding your body in detoxification for ultimate relaxation.

110.00 €
60 mins

Marine Detox Massage: 90-Minutes

Embark on a 90-minute journey of relaxation with a whole-body massage. This therapeutic treatment eases muscles and joints, assisting your body in alleviating toxins for profound relaxation.

160.00 €
90 mins

Sea Essential Massage: 60-Minutes

Indulge in a 60-minute upper body, anti-stress massage, focusing on the back, head, neck, shoulders, and arms. Restore physical and mental peace with this soothing treatment.

110.00 €
60 mins

other information

What happens once I have made the reservation?

Upon completing your reservation, expect a prompt email confirmation for your booking.

A dedicated member of our team will reach out to confirm specific details for your booking. If you've chosen a package, we'll inquire about the preferred treatments for each member of your group to ensure we bring the right products, equipment, and therapists.

To enhance your experience, we'll request your location, communicated conveniently via WhatsApp. Any additional necessary information will be discussed when we reach out to confirm your booking.

Do I need to Supply anything?

Rest assured, we come fully prepared with everything needed for the booking – from massage couches and towels to oils, products, music, and even incense. Our team comprises the best professional therapists on the island! All we ask is for a shaded space to conduct the treatments, whether indoors or outdoors according to your preference.

Expect us to arrive approximately 15 minutes before the booking to set up and ensure everything is ready for your treatments.

Cancellation policy

To cancel or reschedule your appointment, kindly provide a minimum of 48 hours' notice. Cancellations must be communicated by emailing Rest assured, we'll promptly confirm receipt of your cancellation request. Please note that emails are periodically checked throughout the day.