Posted on March 19, 2018

Arriving in Ibiza

Beauty Therapists begin to Prepare for the Summer

You have been offered the chance to work the summer in Ibiza with Massage Beach, congratulations! You are about to embark on “the best summer of your life!” This is a life changing decision and one for the better, excited shouldn’t come close!

First things first, secure your accommodation as soon as possible. The current housing situation in Ibiza means that rooms and apartments get snatched up very quickly! Find yourself a suitable apartment or room and secure it immediately by paying your deposit!

We strongly recommend sharing with other Massage Beach therapists’. You will be able to rely on each other’s support and you are respectful of each others working hours.

If you are looking for somewhere to live contact Matt or Laura, as they may know of some suitable options.

Arriving in Ibiza

When you arrive in Ibiza you will need to make your way from the airport to your accommodation. Arrange with the landlord prior to landing where you will meet to get the key and to pay the first months rent. There should be a lead person (possibly the first one to arrive) in each property; to take charge of the situation – it is much easier this way!

To make your way to the property you can take a taxi or bus. The taxi rank is situated directly outside the airport terminal and will cost approximately 30€ to San Antonio and 10€ to Playa Den Bossa. The bus stop is also directly outside the airport, buses run every 10-20 minutes to the area you will be staying. A bus to San Antonio costs 4.50€.

Once you have arrived at your accommodation unpack and explore your local area. Find where your local shop is (mostly likely Spar or Eroski) to stock up on essentials like water (don’t drink the tap water)!

If possible visit one of the larger supermarkets; such as Mercadona, Lidl, Eroski or Suma. These will be a little cheaper and are normally situated on the outskirts of the main towns. Do a big shop here and stock up!

Let Matt or Laura know when you have arrived on the island. They will organise a day and time to meet to arrange training, provide you with your uniform and to help you settle into your role with Massage beach!

Find your local bus stop and check which buses run on that route. Alternatively, walk to the bus station to see how long it takes, familiarise yourself with the route and pick up a timetable. You will be relying on local transport to get to and from the hotels you will be working at.

Research Ibiza

Research what Ibiza has to offer, investigate the area you will be living. You may want to join a gym or attend yoga classes. This is available in Ibiza and at stunning locations, so you can carry on the routine you have at home. Don’t forget you are spoilt as there is a beautiful coastline you can enjoy for free, go for a run or sunbathe on some of the fantastic beaches!

Contact other Massage Beach therapists. Many of you will be starting the new venture on your own; most other therapists are in a similar position. Start talking and get to know each other so you can enjoy each other’s excitement and arrange to meet when you arrive.

Interests and Hobbies

Research things that are of interest to you. Do you enjoy the gym? There are lots of great gyms across Ibiza and many of them offer season discounts and offers, have a look at Fraile, Cotton Fitness or Nirvana Gyms.

There are yoga classes available across the island; Kumharas, in San Antonio Bay run one in the morning throughout the summer. The times and dates are normally posted on their website. Cotton Fitness club also offer evening yoga classes and gym memberships which allows you to access their pool area, great idea if your apartment doesn’t have a pool!

Have a walk around town and check out the local restaurants, many offer ‘workers discount’ and special set menus ‘Menu Del Dia’. Some favourites include Skinny Kitchen, The Ship Inn and Ibiza Rocks Diner. 

Wifi and Connectivity - Stay Connected whilst Working Abroad

Do you have a UK sim card that allows you to use data and call people from Spain? If you do it is fine to continue to use this, otherwise you will need to get a Spanish mobile phone number. Sim cards are easy to obtain with Lebara being a popular provider amongst therapists. We recommend getting one with a large data allowance as you may use it to call home, FaceTime or Skype! There are phone shops all around the towns, often with Internet cafes inside. 

Enjoy your Summer Job in Ibiza and Have Fun!

Meet up with your colleagues! Send a message on Facebook letting everyone know you have arrived and arrange to meet up. Massage Beach organise a team dinner once every 4-6 weeks but your team members will always be up for doing something!

You are in Ibiza and make the most of what the island has to offer. Visit the beautiful beaches, Ibiza Town for shopping and to explore, the quaint towns like San josep, the famous nightlife, trips out on boats, water sports, snorkelling and so much more! 

 Most of all enjoy what you do, savour each day as the summer will not last forever!

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