A Day in the Life of a Dynamic Massage Beach Therapist

Step into the shoes of a seasoned therapist as she unveils the rhythm of her typical workday, shedding light on the vibrant lifestyle at Massage Beach in Ibiza.


7:30 am - Rise and Shine:

The sun's rays gently cascade into her room, heralding the start of another day in the enchanting Ibiza. Her room, a serene haven, provides a moment of tranquility before gearing up for an exhilarating day.


8:15 am - Morning Buzz with the Crew:

Sharing a living space with her lively colleagues transforms the morning routine into a lively group affair. She joins the laughter-filled banter while getting ready, turning a routine task into a delightful prelude to the day.


9:30 am - Commute with a View:

Heading to the day's venue, she strolls along the beach, cherishing the breathtaking scenery that accompanies her journey.


10:15 am - High-Five and Set Up:

Arriving independently, she envisions a successful day. Swiftly setting up her treatment area, fuelled by the determination to "smash it" and make every client's experience exceptional.


11:00 am - Massages and Bookings Galore:

The massages kick off, and she finds herself immersed in the captivating views. As hands work their magic, potential clients gather, drawn to the gazebo. She skilfully engages with them, filling up her schedule until late afternoon.


1:00 pm - Sales Savvy by the Pool:

In between treatments, she seizes a crucial aspect of her role — speaking with clients by the pool. Armed with treatment lists, she initiates conversations, explaining offerings, and skilfully promoting services. This interaction isn't just a sales pitch; it's an art, separating top-earning therapists from the rest.


4:00 pm - Quick Break, Then Back to the Buzz:

A short break for a snack, and she dives back into the vibrant poolside atmosphere. Her initiative shines as she connects with people, promotes services, and secures additional bookings, surpassing her targets.


7:00 pm - Mission Accomplished:

As the sun begins its descent, she wraps up the day with a sense of accomplishment. Targets met, bookings made, and smiles shared - every interaction contributing to the vibrancy of Massage Beach.


8:00 pm - Sunset Soiree:

After packing up, she joins friends for a venture into Ibiza town. Tapas, sangria, and lively conversations fill the evening as they recount the day's adventures.


10:00 pm - Balcony Chronicles:

Returning home, she chats on the balcony, savouring the warm night air and sharing laughter. The promise of an early night dissipates as stories flow, and before she knows it, the clock strikes midnight!


11.45 pm - Lights Out:

With a content heart and a head full of memories, she retires for the night, ready to embrace the next day's adventure. 

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