As part of Massage Beach’s pre-employment checks, Massage Beach requires evidence of all future employees’ right to work in Spain. Following a UK referendum in 2016, on the 31 January 2020 the UK left the EU. The UK and the EU then entered a transition period meaning UK citizens still had the same EU freedom of movement privileges. On the 31stDecember 2020 the transition period ended.

What does this mean for Massage Beach, recruitment and UK citizens?

British citizens who enter Spain from 1 January 2021 are now subject to third-country immigration control. This means that to work in Spain you will need to obtain a work visa. Unfortunately, the role of ‘Beauty Therapist’ is not listed on the ‘shortage of occupation’ list therefore it is unlikely as a third-country national you would be granted a working visa. .  For further information visit: 

I’m currently residing in the UK, but I have a European passport can I obtain documents needed to prove my right to work in Spain?

Yes, if you have a Passport from any of the EU member states you can apply for a Spanish social security number and NIE. If you have these documents, you will be able to work in Spain. 

I’m a UK citizen/national and I have dual nationality/citizenship from an EU country can I apply?

Yes, for example if your parents are Italian but you have grown up in the UK you may have both UK and Italian citizenship/nationality. Your Italian citizenship/nationality status would mean you still have European citizenship as Italy is in the EU. Therefore, you still have freedom of movement so you’re able to work anywhere in the EU including Spain. Massage Beach will require evidence of your right to work within the EU such as an Italian passport.