Posted on March 09, 2018

day in the life of a therapist

Gain a Greater Insight into what it is like working in Ibiza as a Massage Beach Beauty Therapist

9:30am the alarm is ringing and I awake to glorious blue skies and sunshine that Ibiza spoils us with every day! 

Getting ready for work, my roommate and I have our morning routines perfected. Sharing the shower and the mirror, basic makeup (not much is needed in this heat), hair up is a definite and lastly our cute playsuits and flip-flops! Beats having to wear a spa tunic any day!

10:30am time to leave and walk to work, I’m working at Bergantin today which isn’t too far from Apollo Apartments where I’m staying. It’s so nice to be able to walk to work, past the beach and tourists!

10:45am I arrive at Hotel Bergantin and go into the gym area to meet Joan (a lovely expat English lady who works at the hotel, super helpful). Joan provides access to the equipment. I start by switching on the tablet so it’s up and running by the time I’m poolside. Then I take the towel bag, massage couch and grass to the gazebo next to the pool.

Once I’m set up, I head out to Pr the pool area with Laminates. I like to always introduce myself first, explain I’m here offering treatments and I leave a laminate with them. Once I’ve handed all the laminates out, I head back to the gazebo to let potential clients’ have a chance to look over the information. My manager normally arrives with my float and stock, so I put that away.

I then head back out to approach the people I left laminates with and ask them if they would like to book in. I always try and book them in there and then and for as soon as possible as it provides a good start to the day. I always find people approach you for a treatment once they have seen you in treatment.

After my first massage I go out to PR again and this time get another 2 massages, great! Once I’m massaging away, I have a few other people approach me to book in and that’s my day almost full!

7pm A busy and great day, and I got 12€ in tips! I’ve spoken with my manager and can start to pack away once I’ve collected the rest of my laminates in and cleaned up.

7:30pm I’ve just finished putting everything away and I meet my manager to hand over the float and cash. It’s now time to walk home.

I’m meeting some of the girls at Ibiza Rocks for dinner tonight so I pop home for a quick shower and change of clothes, then walk along the beach and meet them there. We enjoy the classic Chicken pita, workers special and an absolute favourite!

We then walk along to Mambos to see Hot Since 82 pre party.

Home by 1am, had a great day work wise and then a great night with the girls.

Time to go to bed to do it again tomorrow!

Written by Deborah who worked  the 2016 and 2017  seasons in Ibiza.

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