Posted on December 21, 2018

Deluxe manicure with massage beach

As the temperatures plummet our skin is put to the test, especially the skin of our hands. The hands become dry, rough and the nails weekend when exposed to external aggressions like repeated washing, cleaning products, cold and heat.

Hands deserve to be pampered, especially in winter and during the holiday season. Show off beautiful nails, soft skin and make a statement!

Visit the Massage Beach beauty centre, which is located at Sirenis Vital Spa in Playa Den Bossa, Ibiza. We offer an express treatment focusing solely on your nails or our Deluxe treatment is a full hand and nail treatment leaving your nails looking perfect and skin soft and supple.

What does the treatment involve?

We start the treatment with a hand hygiene spritz and remove any existing nail polish (if you have Shellac or a gel polish on your hands there is an additional charge of 10 € to remove this). Choose the shape of your nails whilst we trim and file. Application of the scrub to exfoliate and remove dead skin. Then the mask is applied and left for 10 minutes to nourish the skin. Whilst the mask is working its magic we tidy your cuticles and carefully remove any unwanted cuticle. Once the hands are clean and the mask has been removed we apply the moisturiser and massage the hands and lower arm sending you to a state of relaxation. The final stage is to apply the polish. We have many colours to choose with many of the latest shades from CND in stock. 

choice of cnd nail lacquer finish

We offer a CND Vinylux polish which is included as standard. The Vinylux dries naturally and is a 7-day polish that is extra resistant to chipping over the standard polishes on the high street.

The other option is to upgrade to a CND Shellac finish. The Shellac polish is dried using a UV lamp. The added benefit is that your nails are instantly dry and you don’t have the worry of smudging them. It is also harder wearing and will last 2 weeks or more. Application of CND Shellac is an optional extra at the price of 10 €.

products we use

SkinTruth Salon Manicure products are used in the treatment. The range of products is tailored to meet the demands of today’s hand conscious client.

From start to finish these products provide a complete sense of quality, comfort and luxury. A fusion of Orange Blossom and Rosemary provides the perfect balance of uplifting and restorative benefits along with a moisturising and protective base. All aspects of a truly professional manicure are assured when the SkinTruth products are used.

our Therapist tips

Gloves to protect your hands

To protect your hands and nails from their worst enemies (wind, cold, frost), wear gloves before going out.

When cleaning, we advise to protect your hands with plastic gloves to avoid direct contact with chemicals that have a harmful effect on the skin.

Use an emollient soap

Basic soap is an aggressive product that dries the ski. Instead, choose a soap that will provide the necessary hydration for your hands whilst cleaning them.

Stay hydrated

Regular hydration is the secret of healthy hands. Choose a rich cream and massage your hands so the product penetrates deeper into the skin and to reactivate the blood circulation. Do not forget to apply the moisturiser to your nails! 

Visit our spa for a weekly manicure

Visit one of our expert nail technicians for regular TLC. This will keep your hands and nails looking and feeling great! 

---complimentary spa use---

Use of the spa facilities is complimentary with every treatment received from Massage Beach at Sirenis Vital Spa. Enjoy the heated pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, hammam and even the gym!


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