Posted on March 31, 2020

Update - ibiza season 2020 start date delayed to 1 July.

Managing Director Matthew Kift provides an update on 31 March 2020.

Due to the current COVID-19 global pandemic we have decided to delay our season start date to 1 July 2020. 

I have been speaking with hotel directors. They find themselves in the same situation as everyone else, a situation of uncertainty as to when the virus will be under control and when the hotels will open, and things will start getting back to normal. All of the Directors have stated that they are busy planning and proceeding with preparations to open the establishments at the earliest opportunity. The decision it out of any individuals’ hands and is reliant on the advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and governments.

The most important thing in the situation we find ourselves is the health of ourselves, family, friends, neighbours and community. We urge each of you to continue to follow advice from your government, in the hope to return to a state of normality at the earliest opportunity.

In good news Spain have experienced a reduced number of new cases over the past few days, this is positive news and shows that the situation in Spain is (hopefully) beginning to come under control. China is beginning to get back to normality with the isolation ban lifted and people going back to work, shops and markets opening etc.  

We, Massage Beach are eager to start operations at the earliest opportunity. I will provide updates as and when they occur. In the meantime, I ask that each of you continue to plan for the summer season. This means completing your online profile, undertaking and passing the Training Modules, obtaining the relevant paperwork (UTR and A1 if self-employed). When the time comes, and the season is underway we need to be ready to work. Use the time in isolation to get everything sorted now.

We have had to cancel the Eve Taylor Training in Peterborough on 9 April. If it is feasible, I will look into rearranging the date for the training closer to the time (sometime in June).

If you have flights booked; all airlines are allowing free changes. You should look to reschedule your flights, so you are in Ibiza for the new season start date of 1 July. If you have confirmed accommodation it is my understanding that you will not be charged rent until the first tenant arrives at the property to move in, and the Ibiza season is open. You can speak with the property owners and agents directly confirming this.

I am fully aware of the uncertainty surrounding everyone. We are all in the same ‘boat’ and no one can escape this. This will make the Ibiza season even more special and will show us to appreciate everything and not to take things for granted. On a personal note I cannot wait to return to the White Isle to enjoy everything it has to offer, amazing sunsets, crystal blue Mediterranean waters, white beaches, working outside in the sunshine, speaking with new people every day and everything else in between!

I will provide updates as soon as I receive them.

Stay safe,

Matthew Kift

Managing Director Massage Beach


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