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Jemma has spent the last two summer seasons working in Ibiza. She has most recently worked with Massage Beach during 2018, where she worked a full season as a beauty therapist. 

We are delighted that Jemma will be re-joining the 2019 team for her second season with us.

In this blog post Jemma will provide her tips from her experience working in Ibiza with Massage Beach. It will answer some of the questions that new therapists will have.

Where to begin?

What to take? What do you need? What can’t you get out In Spain?

Pack your case with the things you know you will need & want. Home comforts and essentials are worth the additional case add-on! The season is long and you will need to restock so bring with you what you can. The supermarkets are good but might not have what you want like beauty products. For example makeup or hair products. Bring as much as you can from home so you know you have them BUT if you like MAC & KIKO you’ll be fine as these shops are in Ibiza town.

Although the summer is very hot, it is also chilly at the start of the season. April to May is slightly breezy at night so bring practical clothes, a warm jacket and warm shoes. June to August you will only want to wear your bikini!! And September to October will cool down (at this point you’ll be glad!) It may also rain some time in Ibiza so bring a waterproof jacket, trainers & a Brolly to keep you dry and warm. There’s nothing worse than getting caught up in the rain on your way to work.

Remember you are walking around venues & around the poolside so pack steady, comfy shoes. My favourite flip-flops were Havaianas as they are well made and worth the extra few pounds or euros. They have their own shop in Ibiza. Trainers are needed if you like to walk to work and again for the wet weather. 

You’ll have your Massage Beach uniform, so any extras are what you would wear on a night out or in the day. Ibiza isn’t too dressy but if you feel you need to pack a pair of wedges then pack them! On my first season I packed clothes that I didn’t even wear, I ended up buying from the shops in Ibiza town; Zara, Pull & Bear, Bershka & Stradivarius are all on your door step.

Take your own bedding and pillow, it’s always nice to have something from home. I think you’ll find majority of the girls will do the same. Find out if your bed is a single or double and take this with you.

I advise to take your iPad, laptop or any kind of tablet for the nights you want to relax, WiFi isn’t always needed as you can download things you want when you connect to WiFi so don’t think its pointless bringing some sort of tablet. I found bringing my extension cable was handy as I could charge things and use things at the same time.

Don’t forget your portable charger with a good power level for your tablet at work, it needs to be good quality don’t bother with cheap ones as they will not be sufficient. This is VERY important. Also bring an extra phone just in case the one you have breaks and check out if your UK tariff covers you for the EU at no extra cost (check t&c’s and that you can use for more than 90 days). Without a phone or a tablet it’s impossible to work. You can get a Spanish SIM card in Ibiza and remember you need Spanish Adaptors. Bring a watch for work as using your phone is not professional (not a valuable one as this can get left at venues) or even a mini clock. It’s important to not get behind and keep a track on your timings.

Do some research before you arrive in Ibiza. When you gain access to your Massage Beach Online Profile check out the venues you will be working; where they are and how to get there. Use Google Maps to check the locations and download the ‘IbizaBus’ App. This has all the information regarding bus routes and times.

Bring enough money with you so you don’t leave yourself short. Be strict for the first month until you have been paid and budget yourself to what you need. It’s always good to be prepared!

Refresher of Jemma’s tips of what to bring:

  • Add an extra luggage to your flight.
  • Stock up on makeup and hair products (Mac and Kiko shops in town so no need to stock up on these brands).
  • Practical clothes, a warm jacket, warm shoes, raincoat and an umbrella.
  • Comfy shoes like trainers and good quality flip flops or sandals.
  • Take your own bedding and pillow.
  • iPad, tablet computer or laptop.
  • Extension cable for UK plugs and EU adapters.
  • Good quality portable charger (powerbank).
  • Watch or mini clock to take to work to keep an eye on treatment timings.
  • An extra phone if you have a spare.

Arriving in Ibiza

The first 3 weeks is always the hardest! It’s the settling in period; after all you have just left home on your own to a different country. Try to relax and enjoy this time as its exciting and a massive achievement!

Give yourself time to adjust to your new surroundings. Take a walk with the Massage Beach girls, go to the bus station, find your bearings and explore. Go for food, tell workers you are a worker, get to know other people.

At first it will be a lot to take in, but like I said it takes time to settle and adjust, but honestly you won’t believe how easy it becomes. You’ll be told about workers bands for the clubs, these are good to get as they allow you discount and even free entry. As you get to know people these are easy to get, although we can’t wear them round our wrists (as you cant massage with them on) they can be added to your key chain or around your ankle.

If you’re on an employed contract for Massage Beach then it’s essential to open a bank account. This is as easy as you make it. I used Santander Spain, this is completely different to UK Santander so you need to start fresh. Santander is based at the bottom of the West End in San Antonio as well as other banks you can use; Banco Sabadell and La Caixa.

When you arrive go into Santander or the bank you have chosen and tell them you want to open an account. You will need €100 to do this, your passport, contract from Massage Beach (signed and stamped) and your contract from your accommodation (signed and stamped). Even though it seems a lot of money to open a bank account - remember this is your money in the bank, you can withdraw it after. But always keep some money in there so it doesn’t get closed.

If you are self-employed then you can get an account for foreigners, but if not it is sensible to bring a tin with a lock that you can keep cash locked.  

Dos & Don’ts

Always be positive, never doubt yourself and go into work everyday with a personal target. A big part of the job is being able to speak to clients and to get their custom. This comes with confidence. Don’t worry if you have a shy personality this comes in time, working with other MB girls is always a big help this allows you to see how others work. There is always help, Tell your managers you would like training, have guidance and see what works best for you…

Make sure you get plenty of rest on your days off but also enjoy them. Massage Beach is very straining on the body and you will eventually feel this so take care of yourself and have regular massages from the girls at work on your day off, we get 50% off treatments!

Eat properly and drink lots of fluids, it’s very easy to get caught in the nightlife of Ibiza which is great but also remember you need time to rest so use your 2 days off to enjoy the island.

Prepare your lunches for work so you have a good healthy lunch, you don’t get lunch at any of the venues. You won’t have the facilities to warm food so prepare meals that you can eat on the go. I do my shopping at ‘Mercadona’ close to the bus station, it’s got everything you need and it’s affordable.

Start as you mean to go on. You’ll be living with girls from MB and it will be the best experience! But I would advise getting together and making house rules; like having a house kitty towards bills, cleaning equipment, a rota for cleaning, maybe having your own cupboard space for clothes and food. Always respect the person/ peoples your living with. Always discuss having any visitors especially if it’s friends or family visiting for a short time, remember this is a shared apartment and everyone is in their rights.

Don’t listen to any negativity around you, if someone has a bad day at one venue remember tomorrow is a different day, it’s easy to get caught up in this and it can affect your own positivity.

Check your rota daily as there could be possible changes, make sure you are aware of your start time and be ready for your first client, this will avoid any stress to the day!

What and Where

Ibiza is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited! There is so much to do across the island you will never be spoilt for choice. You are lucky enough to have 2 days off a week (this is extremely rare in Ibiza)! Embrace the island; explore places you’ve never seen. Again, do your research see what kind of places there are to visit.

My favourite place is Formentera. This is a small island just outside of Ibiza. To get there you will need to travel by boat. There is a ferry that takes around 1 hour 30 minutes directly from San Antonio and quicker boats from Ibiza Town. Blue water and white sand- you’ll feel like you’re in the Caribbean.

Another favourite of mine is Cala Bassa, which is also a boat away 45 mins directly from San Antonio. You can also hire a car (you have to be 21+) remember your licence, there are many car rentals scattered around Ibiza so this won’t be a hard job and there is busses that run all around the island so you’ll never be stuck. Other places to visit are the famous Es Vedra, Dalt Villa, Atzaro Spa and many more.

There are so many restaurants in San Antonio, Ibiza town and Playa den Bossa. My favourite has to be Kasbah in San Antonio, right on the sea front to watch the sunset. A perfect place to go with the girls and relax sipping cocktails and eating tapas - Bliss! If you like Chinese, Indian or even Burger King this is all in San Antonio. You have the famous Mambos and their sister restaurants; Savannah and Fresh. If you like healthier food Skinny kitchen, Natural Pau and Passion Café are good options.

Do you like the gym? These are the gyms to check out

  • Cotton Fitness Club
  • Master Gym
  • Lineas Gym
  • Fraile San Antonio

On my first season I actually had a bicycle. I bought this from Decathlon, which is located close to Ibiza town. If you like to exercise and to get around quick then think about getting yourself one. It is safe to ride, as there are bike lanes on the pedestrian pavements.

Will it be the best thing you’ll ever choose to do?

I bet right now your asking yourself everyday if you’re making the right decision and only you will find this out until you have got on that flight to Ibiza. You’ll have no regrets once you have seen the better life you will live!

My favourite experience was the whole season. I learnt so much about myself and overcome things I never thought I’d be able to do. For example living away from home and being so independent, cooking for myself, planning trips away, being organised, saving money I never thought I would have! Embrace the life you will be living, you are lucky to have the chance to work in such a beautiful place amongst people that will care for you like their own family.

Will you regret it? Never :-)

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