Posted on January 22, 2020

The world of Massage Beach – what’s going on?


The start to every year is an extremely busy period for us. Our team spends a lot of time and resource marketing the job opportunities available and to inform beauticians of the fantastic job they can work the coming summer in Ibiza. Already, we have received a large number of applications from beauty therapists and we are super excited to have the an amazing calibre of therapists assembled already. 

Our recruitment team review every application, and this is where the recruitment process starts (another blog needed for information on the whole recruitment process). If you are reading this and you have applied or thinking of applying to join us a beauty therapist, please make sure have sent your cover letter and CV. Applications are not processed unless both are received with the application.

We are reviewing operations over the last 12 months and identifying areas of the business to improve. We have started implementing these improvements and we are making tweaks to the therapist training modules, manager training modules, the manager job role, set up at venue locations and much more.

We are determined and sure that 2020 in Ibiza will be our best summer yet.

New Addition to our Bristol office team

We are delighted to welcome Jasmin to our team, in the capacity of Digital Marketing Assistant. Jasmin will be joining us at our UK head quarters and is already ‘making her mark’ from the off.

Jasmin will be helping with preparations for the coming summer season in Ibiza and will be active across our social media platforms; posting interesting content and interacting with clients, beauty and spa therapists.

We ask Jasmin for an Introduction and to share some background information about herself

Hello! My name is Jasmin, not princess Jasmine, but Jasmin with no "e". You can say that creativity has been a part of my personality from a young age captivated by paintings to my way with words. Having creativity allows you to express your personality through work produced and it's important to think 'why would people feel engaged with my work?' Having a set goal in life is very important and you should go above and beyond to chase it. My set dream was to attend University, which for me was a success. It was important to fulfil my ambition of achieving a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Why Journalism? news happens everywhere, I can reach out to people and help make their stories creatively come to life (no fake news needed here.) This degree pushed me to be more confident, engage more with my skills and embrace new experiences.

I would say the happiest memory of my full 22 years of living, would be graduation day. It was so lovely to finally achieve a degree that I worked so hard for surrounded by my family and friends. After graduation I thought life would be a breeze, applying for jobs was (still is) very competitive. So many jobs would turn me away due to the lack of "experience" and one job role in particular labelled me as "too nice". Interviews were very time consuming, as the thought of rejection again and again was just not worth it in my eyes. Experience was something lacking, so to broaden my skills a Master’s degree in Marketing Communications was accepted. Choosing to study my Postgraduate diploma at the University of the West of England was the best decision EVER, marketing allows me to also be creative with my innovative mind but will broaden my expertise when applying for jobs in the future!

Massage Beach is now a big part of my life and it is lovely to work alongside a reputable company. Having the chance to gain experience is an amazing opportunity and it is important to learn and grow alongside! Massage beach was kind enough to take me on as a digital assistant which is a job role to think about when my Marketing degree is over. Massage beach fits in perfectly around two days a week, as well as my studying and my other part-time retail job. You can say it is a busy schedule, but 2020 is the year of success and I can’t wait to see the journey.

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