Posted on December 23, 2015

Recent News from Massage Beach

Beauty Therapy Tips, News, Trade Secrets and More

Keep up to date with what is going on in the world of Massage Beach. Our Beauty Therapists will be sharing tips and advice. Plus all of the latest news and going ons from Massage Beach in the UK and Ibiza.

beauty therapist ibiza tips

beauty therapist ibiza tips

Jemma has spent the last two summer seasons working in Ibiza. She has most recently worked with Massage Beach during 2018, where she worked a full season as a beauty therapist. 

We are delighted that Jemma will be re-joining the 2019 team for her second season with us.


A typical day at work

A typical day at work

Sophie is our guest blogger today and will be providing an insight into what a normal working day is like, with Massage Beach in Ibiza. 

Sophie worked with us as a therapist in 2018 and will be returning for her second season this summer. 

Mobile Massage and Beauty Treatments in Ibiza

Mobile Massage and Beauty Treatments in Ibiza

We offer a mobile service where we travel to your residence. This might be your home, apartment, villa or yacht! Enjoy without having to leave your surroundings and make the most of where you are staying.

One of our professional, qualified therapists will arrive at your premises with



Read the second part of Managing Director Matthew's recommendations of things to do in Ibiza. If you have missed it you can find the first part of the blog post  here.

If you fancy splashing the cash

Things to do in ibiza - part 1


Managing director Matthew gives his tips and advice for things to do in Ibiza. 

The advice is directed towards the beauty therapists that will be joining the Massage Beach Ibiza team to work the summer in Ibiza. But also for anyone who will be frequenting the island!


Importance of cleansing

Importance of cleansing

It is vitally important to incorporate cleansing into your daily skincare regime. Make sure you get into good habits and cleanse every night before applying a moisturiser. 

Did you know that the skin regenerates during the night? 

It is important to remove make up from your s

Ibiza recruitment update

Ibiza recruitment update

Firstly, we would to thank all of the beauty therapists who have applied to work with us in Ibiza this coming summer. We have had an excellent response since we opened recruitment, receiving many applications with more coming through every day. 

If you were in

Deluxe manicure with massage beach

Deluxe manicure with massage beach

As the temperatures plummet our skin is put to the test, especially the skin of our hands. The hands become dry, rough and the nails weekend when exposed to external aggressions like repeated washing, cleaning products, cold and heat.

Hands deserve to be pampered, especially in winter

Ibiza 2019 Recruitment


Recruitment for beauty Therapists to join the Ibiza Massage Beach team is open. It commenced 4 days ago on Saturday 15 December.

Already, we have received many applications and had a great response with therapists eager to join our team and spend the summer 2019

December - Product of the Month

December - Product of the Month

The Massage Beach Head Spa Therapist in Ibiza; Faustine chose the December product of the month. The luxurious smell and aromas it releases when it is burned and another use (explained below) are the reasons Faustine chose this product with Christmas fast approaching.

The candle can

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