PlayaSol hotels massage and beauty

Expert massage, manicure, pedicure and facial treatments available at PlayaSol hotels in Ibiza. 

Treatments are completed poolside under the Massage Beach Pergola, enjoying some of the best views from any treatment area you are likely to visit. 

All of the Massage Beach beauty therapists are fully qualified, additionally trained and comprehensively insured.

Browse the treatment list below. Choose the treatment/s you want, a convenient date and time and book your treatment.

We have taken the stress out of booking, making it effortless, simple and quick! 

treatment list and online booking - Playasol hotels ibiza

Children's Massage

Relaxation massage for children up to the age of 13.

15.00 €
15 mins

Enlightening Head Massage

Head, neck and shoulder massage to relieve tension and induce a sense of well-being.

70.00 €
30 mins

Hydra Back Massage

Back, neck and shoulder massage to soothe whilst reducing tension and strain. Choose between relaxing and deep tissue manipulations for your perfect treatment.

70.00 €
30 mins

Leg Massage

Massage to help alleviate tight, stiff, tired leg muscles. Ideal for sports people.

100.00 €
40 mins

Marine Deep Massage - 60 minutes

60 minute full body massage focusing on untangling knots and relieving tension in the deeper muscles, connective tissues and tendons.

140.00 €
60 mins

Marine Detox Massage - 60 Minutes

60 minute whole body relaxation massage. This therapeutic treatment relaxes muscles and joints whilst assisting your body in alleviating toxins.

120.00 €
60 mins

Sea Essential Massage

60 minute anti-stress massage focusing on the back, head, neck, shoulders and arms. Restoring physical and mental peace.

120.00 €
60 mins