Posted on March 29, 2018

Jamies thoughts and experiences

Jamie worked with Massage Beach Ibiza in 2013, 2014 and 2015.  She will be returning in 2018 for her 4th summer as a self-employed beauty therapist. We cannot wait to have her back! 

We asked Jamie a couple of questions and it makes a great read. We hope you enjoy it as much as us!

returning therapist interview

What have you done since working with Massage Beach Ibiza?

Since working with Massage Beach I have mostly been travelling. I have visited part of Europe, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore. I spent some of my time volunteering with dogs in Thailand and worked on various fruit farms in Australia; all whilst camping and living out of a car!

I returned home to the UK last year in June. Since then I’ve been working in administration, so a little bit of a change to my usual beauty therapist roles. I’m really excited to get back to doing what I love!

I’ve done my level A1 in Spanish but am still struggling to string a sentence together, haha. I’ve had holidays to Ibiza, Amsterdam and Alicante and been to a couple of festivals.

I’ve been training for a half marathon, which is in April. I have a trip to Nepal and a hike to Everest base camp planned. When I return I will be inter railing in Europe for a few weeks before my return to Ibiza ‪in June...... so not much. 😀

What and why are you looking forward to returning?

The lifestyle, working in the sun every day, the music, living a walk away from the beach, the parties, sunsets, sun rises, car trips exploring the island and meeting more friends for life.

Best memory of Ibiza?

I don’t even know where to start there’s too many! One of my favourite nights was in 2015 when it was the lunar eclipse “red moon” and I went up to Es Vedra rock with my roommates. There were around 40 people up there to watch the moon. We saw so many shooting stars. People were playing different instruments and there was music, but as soon as the moon eclipse happened it went deadly silent while everyone just lay there and watched in amazement. Then lightening started in the distance, there was so much energy in the sky it was beautiful! We then had to walk about 2 hours to try and get home as we had no signal or lift and there’s no cabs rolling around at that time in that area!

Best memory working with Massage Beach?

I’ve had so many fun memories at Massage Beach. A few of my close friends that I have ended up travelling with and still see; I met at Massage Beach.

I remember that day when a man accidentally took my size 4 haviannas and left me with his size 10s instead and Matt had to give me a lift home from Bossa!  😂

Advice for new therapists joining

DO IT! Work hard and you will really reap the benefits, utilise your time every day, if you have some spare time think about what you can do with it to make yourself busy and always keep a positive attitude. But most of all enjoy it.

Favourite thing to do in Ibiza?

Watch the sunset at Golden Buddha with a strawberry daiquiri and some nachos.  🍸🌞

What are you hoping to achieve this summer?

To earn a lot of money to take me to New Zealand and continue my travels.  

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