Posted on February 08, 2019

Things to do in ibiza - part 1

Managing director Matthew gives his tips and advice for things to do in Ibiza. 

The advice is directed towards the beauty therapists that will be joining the Massage Beach Ibiza team to work the summer in Ibiza. But also for anyone who will be frequenting the island!

Included in his list are things that cost little or no money and some are a treat for special occasions!

The list has been broken into two parts. Keep an eye on our blog post to read the other part in due course.


biza has a great selection of beaches to enjoy all over the island. My favourites are Cala Tarida and Cala Bassa on the south east coast. Cala Tarida has a rock for cliff jumping, watersports and a fantastic restaurant on the beach ‘Ses Eufabies” which offers lunch at an affordable price – half roast chicken is my personal favourite.

Cala Bassa is an idyllic beach with beautiful waters. Explore the rocks next to the beach and find a cave! Plus a great restaurant CBBC – although beware as this is very pricey. Taking a picnic and towels to lie on is the perfect prep for a great but budget day out!

I cannot leave the beach recommendations without mentioning Cala D’Hort. The beach is located opposite Es Vedra with a breathtaking view of the rock. The beach isn’t the best as it is pebbly, but the view makes up for it! Beware there is no public transport to this beach so a hire car or moped is a must!

Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town is the hub of Ibiza and the main town/ city on the island. You have the fantastic Dalt Villa, which is an old castle type structure where you need to enter crossing a drawbridge and walking through an impressive large stone entrance. Once inside there are fantastic views to take in and you can walk all the way to the top, explore the winding cobbled streets and the Old Catholic church. Don’t wear high heels; sensible footwear is a must! 

The buzz and atmosphere of the area is fantastic and it is great during the day or evening. My favourite time to visit is late evening, just before it gets dark! There are loads of great restaurants and street performers to enjoy! Do you research though as some are overpriced and the food isn’t the best! As many as there are good there are some bad!

If you want to do some shopping on the island then Ibiza Town is the place. Many high street shops like Zara, Mango, Stradivarius and more are located here; plus smaller boutiques. Shops shut later in Spain so you can walk the high streets in the evening.  

Water sports

It’s always good to raise the heart rate and enjoy activities in the sunshine. Numerous beaches offer water sports like paddle boarding, banana boats and kayaking. Playa Den Bossa and Cala Tarida are good beaches for this. 


biza is famous for its sunsets. Make sure you experience at least one and feel the magic! The best spot is in front of Café Del Mar and Café Mambo. There is a rocky beach in front of the restaurants where you can take a bottle to sit with friends to enjoy in a cost effective way! Just make sure you clean up after yourselves!! 

Cala Comte is an alternative to San Antonio and is just as magical! 


Travel the island on a mountain bike. There are some great tracks around Ibiza and cycling is a great way to get lost and to discover new things. Head to places you haven’t been and see what you can find. We would recommend going cycling in May, June, September or October when it is a little cooler!

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