Posted on March 11, 2019


A typical day at work

A day in the life of a Massage Beach Therapist

Sophie is our guest blogger today and will be providing an insight into what a normal working day is like, with Massage Beach in Ibiza. 

Sophie worked with us as a therapist in 2018 and will be returning for her second season this summer. 

Diary for an Average Day

9am - My alarm goes off and I wake to the sun shining through my window. I instantly know I’m going to have another good day in Ibiza.

I’m lucky enough to have my own room so I get up and go and see the girls I live with before getting ready for work.

10 am - I’m ready for the day after being distracted every 5 minutes by joking around with the girls (I never normally enjoy getting ready for work but living with 6 other girls makes it fun)! I leave with therapists I live with who are working in a hotel near to where I am, making sure we have enough time to get there! We walk along the beach, which is slightly longer but so worth it!

Today I’m working at the Algarb hotel, which is one of my favourite hotels. To make it even better I’m working with one of my closest friends that I’ve made since being in Ibiza.

10:45 am - I meet my friend outside the front of the hotel and we continue to set up our treatment area and prepare for the day. We tell each other that we are going to smash it!

Once set up, we split the laminates and start to pr the pool area, speaking with potential clients and getting bookings for the day.

11:15 am - Our day has officially started and we both have a full body massage straight away, YAY! Massaging never gets boring in Ibiza because the views from the hotels are amazing.

During our first massages, people came up to the gazebo to book in for some treatments and we quickly got booked up until 4:30pm. It is quite common that people will book in once the first person is on to the couch; they like to see what you do.

4:30 pm - We sit down for 10 minutes to eat something and go straight back around the pool talking with people, promoting ourselves and the services we provide.

We work well as a team and managed to get more bookings, result!

7:30 pm - We’ve finished and both happy we hit over target! We pack away and wait for our manager to come collect the takings.

I meet one of the girls I live with on the way home and we go into Ibiza town. This is the area we live. We go for a few drinks and dinner, so we walk home quickly and get ready to go out.

11 pm - After some good tapas and sangria we’re ready to go home and catch up with the girls and talk about our day.

We can talk for hours and always say we will have an early night, but would be up until 1am on our balcony just talking.

1 am - Finally, bed! Yet again another good day at work and a nice evening with my friends!

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