Posted on March 03, 2020

Improving the Massage Beach Website

why improve?

As with every business it evolves. Tweaks and improvements need to be implemented to keep the business up to date and competitive. Massage Beach is no different! Our team in the Bristol office have been working hard to ensure the customer experience when using our website is a good one. The website needs to be engaging, the target market must always be included, and accurate information must be provided.

We are making key improvements tailoring your needs when visiting Massage Beach. Have a scroll and explore the website, maybe there are new features you haven’t seen before.

We have also been making improvements to our back-end system that our beauty therapists use. We have been implementing new features, speeding things up and improving our reporting sections.

What changes have we made?

Mobile Spa Package Explainer Video

We have produced a video which explains how our mobile package builder works. The video summarises the mobile massage and beauty service we offer and explains how to proceed to make an online booking. 

It is a unique way to promote the package builder service to our clients as a marketing video, and will encourage viewers to engage. 


We have carried out a website review and updated pictures on all pages of the site. Most recent images are now used and represent how you would find our treatment areas today.  Changes have been made over the last year. For example, we have replaced our pink and blue coloured towels with chocolate and cappuccino coloured ones.

It is important to update images, so the website accurately describes the current services we offer. Potential Beauty Therapists who want to spend their summer working abroad for Massage Beach in Ibiza will now have a better idea of what their treatment room will look like.

Below is also a link to our Instagram page for regular updates and more photos: 

Customer Reviews

We receive hundreds of fantastic reviews from clients’ who receive treatments from us. These reviews were very hard for people using our website to find. We have now created a brand-new page which is specific for customer reviews.

Reviews are always worth reading, especially if you are a new customer and have not used the company before. Take your time to have a browse and see what real clients who have used our service think of us.

Review pages are great for clients thinking of booking or for beauty therapists thinking of applying to join the team. 

View our review page here: Customer Reviews Massage Beach Ibiza

Massage Beach Shop

The Massage Beach shop now includes an introduction to the retail skincare and beauty products we offer for sale. We also provide some background information on Eve Taylor London products. 

Mobile Application for Clients

We have been working hard over the last few years to get our application for clients live. We are closer than ever to pushing this live and hope to have it working and available from the app store from 1 May.

Clients will have easy access to their bookings in a click of a button. Easy management of bookings, receipts in one place, ease of making new bookings are all features.

Clients who download the application we be rewarded with exclusive discounts! Keep a look out for the most wanted app in Ibiza this summer!

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