Unlocking Paradise: Why Work with Massage Beach in Ibiza

Are you dreaming of a sun-soaked career change, combining your passion for wellness with the allure of a Mediterranean paradise? Look no further than Massage Beach in Ibiza! Here's a glimpse into the enticing world that awaits you:


Thriving Career Opportunities:

  • Competitive Earnings: As a Massage Beach therapist, you have the chance to earn generous income, with self-employed therapists enjoying even more significant financial rewards.
  • Exciting Bonus Structure: Benefit from bonuses tied to treatment totals, positive TripAdvisor reviews, and retail sales commission. Your hard work is truly recognised and rewarded.


Self-Employed vs. Employed - The Choice is Yours:

  • Flexibility: Tailor your work arrangement to fit your lifestyle. Revel in the autonomy of being part of something extraordinary; Massage Beach is committed to accommodating your preferences.


Living the Ibiza Lifestyle:

  • Breathtaking Locations: Your "office" could be nestled in the heart of San Antonio, San Antonio Bay, Playa Den Bossa, Ibiza Town, Santa Eularia, or the surrounding areas. immerse yourself in the breathtaking diversity of Ibiza's landscapes while providing treatments in proximity to these lively and vibrant destinations.
  • Accommodation Assistance: Worried about finding a place to stay? Massage Beach offers support in locating suitable properties, connecting you with fellow therapists and sharing property options. Choose your preferred location and make the most of your Ibiza adventure.


Beaches, Culture, and Nightlife:

  • Sunny Days and Sandy Shores: Embrace the famed Ibiza lifestyle with sun-kissed days spent on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. After work, unwind by the turquoise waters and enjoy the island's natural beauty.
  • Vibrant Nightlife: Ibiza is renowned for its legendary nightlife. From beachfront parties to world-class clubs, the island comes alive after dark, offering a unique blend of relaxation and excitement.

A Unique Work-Life Balance:

  • Island Living: Ibiza encourages a slower pace of life, allowing you to savour each moment. Discover hidden gems, explore charming villages, and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere that defines this enchanting island.

Enriching Training Opportunities:

  • Skill Enhancement: Join an e-learning course designed to enhance your skills in massage, manicure, pedicure, facials, and client consultation. Enjoy continuous support and assistance during your time in Ibiza.

Embracing Authenticity:

  • Uniform Package: Upon arrival, experience the unique identity of Massage Beach with a branded uniform package, showcasing your commitment to professionalism and excellence. 

Award-Winning Excellence: 

  • TripAdvisor Travellers Choice Award 2023: Be part of an established and proven company recognised for excellence by the prestigious TripAdvisor Travellers Choice Award. 


  • Dedicated Service: At Massage Beach, we understand the importance of reliability in offering a dedicated service. Your commitment ensures a seamless experience for both clients and team members, contributing to the excellence that defines us. 

Intrigued? Your journey to paradise begins with Massage Beach in Ibiza. Join us for an experience that blends a thriving career with the enchantment of island living. Whether you seek financial growth, cultural exploration, or simply a change of scenery, Massage Beach offers a unique opportunity to make your dreams a reality in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Apply today and unlock the door to a fulfilling career and an island lifestyle like no other!  For further information please visit the Information About the Role page.