Posted on February 05, 2018

Winter skincare

Our Therapist Tips to Keep your Skin Looking Great this Winter

The winter is here. The environmental changes can lead to a range of uncomfortable issues for your skin.

Massage Beach can prescribe a skincare regime to suit you to help your skin looking and feeling its best through this difficult time. Visit us as Sirenis Vital Spa in Playa Den Bossa, Ibiza to speak with one of our professional skincare therapists. They will discuss your needs and requirements and tailor suit products to combat the cold weather.

Your skin has to withstand a lot through the colder months. The increased use of heaters, fires, turning up the temperature in the car; combined with cooler temperatures and wind chill outside. Plus, adding in the risk factor of picking up seasonal colds and flu your skin can become run down in winter. Make sure you take precautions to protect your health as well as your skin. 

Our Therapists Recommend:

Are you are using something to topically hydrate the skin? We love and recommend, Eve Taylors Hyaluronic Acid Serum. Hyaluronic Acid holds a thousand times its weight in moisture so this product is not to be underestimated! It is applied under your moisturiser (no need to discard your existing products). Just slip this product into your current routine. It can be used morning and night.

Up your skins luminosity by combining the Hyaluronic Serum with Eve Taylor’s C+ Bright Moisturiser (SPF 15). An Illuminating and hydrating moisturiser, which will make your skin, glow! A must have for any skin type! This product retails at 27.00 € and is available online or at Sirenis Vital Spa Ibiza.

Increase your water intake:

For every caffeinated or alcoholic drink consumed you should drink a glass of water to rehydrate. Make sure you increase your water intake to help your skin look brighter! Hello Party Perfect Skin!

Smoothie Recommendation

Keep colds at bay and your skin Hydrated and Glowing with this vitamin and anti-oxidant packed smoothie!


1 cup Coconut Water, chilled

1 cup Strawberries (frozen or fresh)

1 cup Organic Baby Carrots

1 cup Mango Chunks (frozen or fresh)

1 Navel Orange, pealed

This delicious smoothie mix provides us with Vitamins: A, B, C, E and K. Vitamin helps repair any damage to our skin. Vitamin C boosts the collagen within our skin and Vitamin E for providing additional nourishment. (Via

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