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Previous Ibiza beauty Therapists Answer Questions

Zoe and Jemma have  answered   25 questions on their experience working with Massage Beach Ibiza and general questions on the Ibiza. 

Zoe - Massage Beach Beauty Therapist 2018


Jemma - Massage Beach Beauty Therapist 2018 and 2019

massage beach job specific questions

1.  Why did you choose to apply for Massage Beach?


I was bored and in a job I hated! Summer was approaching and all of my friends were planning holidays with their boyfriends and I really wanted a new adventure!


I’m a qualified Beautician and wanted to keep working in the industry, Massage Beach is the only job that stood out to me. It’s flexible and fun and trustworthy. This job gives you the push to grow as an individual and as a therapist with the training provided and experience gained!  

2.  What qualifications or paperwork did I need to provide?


I needed to provide my beauty qualifications from college and as I was employed, I needed to get an NIE number when I got to Ibiza, so I was able to work.


You must be qualified in level 2 & 3 beauty therapy. It is possible to work for Massage Beach if you have a qualification in massage only, but I recommend completing a nail course if you haven’t, so you can offer clients manicures & pedicures!  

3.  What were the benefits you received within your job role whilst working with Massage Beach?


- Working outside in the sun in amazing venues.

- Massage Beach are really flexible with your days off so you could plan what you wanted to do every week and never had to miss out.

- Meeting incredible people from all over the world.


- Meeting new people every day, engaging with different ages leading me to make new friends,

- A good income (even on them unlikely quiet days).

- 2 Days off per week, nowhere in Ibiza offers this!

- Great experience within the beauty industry and job perks. 50% off any treatments for yourself! 

4.  Can you describe the challenges you faced whilst working for the company?


- Some days can be harder than others, and some days you really need to push yourself to reach targets.

- It can be tiring being busy all day working in the heat.

- You can miss home at times, but the experience definitely goes by so quick and the good definitely out-ways the bad!


I kept positive every day, don’t be hard on yourself with this job, I faced that feeling the odd occasion! A positive mind is a happy positive day. Some days you might feel tired, missing home etc but that’s the best part of your experience is the challenges that you overcome. 

Some other challenges for me was time keeping, make sure you are organised with yourself to make your day run smoothly. I made sure I was on time everyday, so I knew my day was going to run smooth. My main challenge was the target I set myself, I always had a number in my head I wanted to make (more than the company target), a good challenge keeps you consistent and makes you push yourself!

5.  Can you describe any positive experience/s that stand out whilst working with Massage Beach?


So many amazing memories working with massage beach every day is different and you meet so many incredible people every day from all over the world!

One moment that sticks out for me was when I was working at the Hawaii hotel in San An and i was in the middle of a full body massage when I seen loads of people run over to the edge looking out at the sea and pointing and when I looked out there were a school of dolphins swimming in the sea, it was just amazing and never has any treatment room compared to that view!


I have so many memories from my 2 years working with Massage beach. I’ve travelled some of the best parts of Ibiza, worked in some beautiful hotels and seen some views you’ll not see in your salon/spa back home!! Met people from all around the world, earned good money and never dreaded going to work. Everything about this job was a positive for me! 

6.  How did Massage Beach improve your skills and confidence?


Massage Beach really helped with my skills as you learn to be your own boss and quickly pick up organisation skills as well as becoming a lot more independent.

My confidence really developed as you’re always interacting and meeting new people. You need to be able to approach people to talk with them about treatments, so you become really confident and great at learning new ways to entice people in to having treatments.


I listened to advice given by the managers and staff that had already worked with Massage Beach previously. I watched other therapists when doing treatments, to help build my quality of skills. I asked for help on how to approach customers which led me to be confidant in making conversations and making money. The first couple of weeks is the settling period, get to know what works and what doesn’t- before you know it, you’ll have people queuing to book appointments! 

7.  What training and development did you receive?


- Every day you have a manager for support and advice.

- Before even going to Ibiza you complete an online training course which helps.

- I also did a massage training workshop when I first arrived


- Complete your online training before you

- Start, this is really important. Give yourself at least an hour a night for a couple of Weeks. The massage videos are brilliant and show you what different techniques are performed in the massages we offer.

- Any extra training is given whilst you are in Ibiza. If you feel like you are struggling don’t hesitate to ask a manager or an experienced therapist for help.

8.  How did you secure accommodation in Ibiza?


Laura put me in contact with another girl from Massage Beach who was looking to share an apartment. I was really lucky as I shared with the most amazing girls in a central location in San Antonio I think good accommodation with good people is really important!

9.  Will you earn enough money in Ibiza?


I was employed so had a set pay but there are tips and you can work towards a good bonus depending on how hard you work.


That depends on you! This job has big potential to earn you money. If you are a hard worker and don’t expect everything to come to you then you will be one of the top earners!! Set a personal target and smash it! A positive attitude is all you need! Trust me people can pick up on negativity and potential clients won’t approach you. This makes your job harder when it’s not needed. 

10. Where will I be located to work on the island?


We work all over the island! I was mostly situated in San Antonio where my apartment was located and the hotels were within walking distance. But, there are always buses and water taxis for the mornings you feel extra tired!

We also worked up north a few days a week and your manager that day normally took you there!

The odd occasion I worked in Bossa which was fun. It was good to see another part of the island and is it easy to get to with the bus!


San Antonio, San Antonio Bay, Playa den Bossa, Es Cana. Do your research on these beautiful parts of Ibiza. These could be adult hotels and family hotels, different variety and scenery is perfect to mix your days up.

11. Can you name the best hotel you have worked at and why?


I have so many favourites for many different reasons, but the one that sticks out 

was the Occidental hotel. I always had a good day there and there was always a good mix of people from all over the world to kids, young people and older people. It was a smaller hotel with a good atmosphere, lovely staff and I always found it easy to hit my target!


Palladium Don Carlos & Palladium Palmyra! I have 2, these hotels gave me a little buzz, the pool was smaller in both these hotels. I found it easier to approach people and would speak loud so other people around could hear and then call me over to discuss the treatments we offer. 

Don Carlos had a beautiful view & Palmrya was right in the heart of San Antonio!

12. Did the company offer you support in the role? How did they achieve this?


They were always only a text away and the manager assigned that day visits a few times to make sure everything is okay.


Yes, you do have to work hard and show you are taking your job seriously. Respect who you work for and show a positive/friendly attitude and you’ll get the right support you need. 

13. Would you work for Massage Beach again? If yes could you explain why?


Yes, I had the best summer ever and met amazing people! Who wouldn't want to get paid to work by a pool all day and spend your day off at a beach or by a pool?


100%, I wouldn’t even contemplate looking for any other job in Ibiza. Massage Beach has been good to me, has given me experience, more confidence & opportunity. 

14. Would you recommend a friend or colleague to work with Massage Beach?


Definitely it's much nicer then working in a busy salon or dark treatment room and it will be a summer to remember!


Again, 100%! That’s how I got the job through a friend and I’m gutted I didn’t do this job on my first season in 2017, it’s a job you won’t regret going for. 

15. Do you have any advice to new therapists joining the team?


- Go for it you'll have an amazing summer you won’t forget!

- Make the most of your days off. The girls and me wrote a list of things we wanted to do and tried to tick one off every week!

- Look after yourself, it’s easy to get carried away with the party lifestyle but our job is very physical and it will catch up with you. So you need to find the right work/party balance!

- Enjoy and appreciate every moment as it really does go by too fast!


Work hard, keep positive. Do not listen to negativity from other therapists if they have a bad day. Remember the more work you put in the more you achieve. Believe in yourself always! 

Ibiza Related Questions

1.  What’s your favourite restaurant or restaurants in Ibiza?


So many, we ate out nearly every night! Some of my favourites were;

  • Chicken pitta from ibiza rocks bar.
  • Rubys was the nicest Indian.
  • Casitas for a roast like home/
  • Davids for delicious pizzas/
  • Kasbah for dinner with a view!
  • Tapas restaurant and lounge bar. One word yumm!
  • Orange Corner or Fatso's for brekkie!


Well, I love Indian food so has to be Little India in San Antonio bay! So many restaurants to choose from, you have Chinese, sushi and a good Sunday dinner on the island!! 

2.  What is your favourite Ibiza memory?


Probably at the end of the season when the whole team went out on an end of season boat for the day. It was such a nice day and the perfect way to finish the season!


Taking a jet ski after a busy shift at work and riding into the sunset!! Sounds like a dream, but it was real! 

3.  In your opinion what is the best location to watch the famous Ibiza sunset?


Es Vedra rock is unbelievable and deffo a must see if you’re in Ibiza. You can’t beat a few drinks on the rocks in front of Cafe Mambo, watching the sun go down, the atmosphere is always amazing.


Everyone has their own personal preference, mine was Kasbah (San Antonio). This is my special place, so I like to kick back with a cocktail, eat great food and listen to chilled music. 

4.  Would you recommend Ibiza to family and friends? Why?


Definitely, the island is beautiful it has amazing beaches, places to eat and of course the party scene is great too. There is something for everyone.


I always do! Ibiza is known for its crazy party vibe. But, the island has so much to offer other than this! Beautiful beaches, boat trips, amazing restaurants, sunset bars and stunning hotels! My family & friends visit every year and love it. They often stay in hotels where I work and even visit me at other venues for a treatment!!  

5.  On your days off what would you normally plan?


If I wasn't at a pool party I’d most likely be lying by a pool or out for some nice food, the way every day off should be spent!


I like a beach day, take a picnic and watch the sunset to end my day on a high. Enjoy your days off to the fullest and appreciate the island!

6.  What are the best tourism activities to try?


- We went to Formentera for a day trip, it was so beautiful and I would definitely recommend it.

- Ibiza town is a must do as well there are so many nice restaurants and shops and has such an old town feel.

- Renting a boat for the day, or going on a boat trip is really nice way to see the island

- Exploring the beaches on the island, some of them are amazing!


Definitely explore the beautiful island Formentera, the ferry goes From San Antonio and Ibiza town. Hire a car and pick some spots you want to visit, research the highest point in Ibiza. If you want a crazy beach club day visit O Beach Club or go on a boat party! 

7.  What club/ night was your favourite?


O Beach Club was my favourite, I loved getting dressed up and the atmosphere was always great. A fab day/night!

Glitterbox at Hi Ibiza was my favourite night, everyone is dressed so cool and the music is amazing!


Cova Santa- I love this place! Not your typical kind of club. Really laid back with cool people Wanting a good time. I also loved Glitter box at HI- the music is insane, can’t go wrong with a disco boogie! 

8.  Have you seen anyone famous in Ibiza, either performing or out and about?


So many bloggers/influencers! people from Love Island and Towie are always knocking around in O Beach Club! 

I saw so many perform, like Craig David (4 times but who’s counting haha) Tinie Tempah, Tyga, Rudimental, MK and Carl Cox to name a few. There's always amazing people playing! 

9.  What do you prefer most about Ibiza over the UK?


The Sun by far and I loved working outside by the pool every day at a different hotel. The most amazing walks to and from work! Plus in Ibiza every day is like the weekend unlike Ireland where there's not much to do during the week! 


The weather!! It does get very hot in Ibiza but it’s better than the freezing cold! You're definitely guaranteed a summer!

Working outside instead of seeing 4 walls all day, your day goes so much quicker!

10. Had you visited Ibiza before applying for the job with Massage Beach?


I only visit once for a family holiday when I was really young so I didn't really know what to expect!


Yes 3 time’s before so I knew the island a fair bit. As soon as I knew about this job through my friend I wasn’t looking back. 

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